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Algorithm Production Intern (Summer 2024)

Contribute to the development of cloud-based ML tools and real-time prototyping tools.
Boston, Massachusetts, United States
$25 - $30 USD biweekly
3 months ago


Our mission is to harness the power of human intent to change the form and function of the world.

Job is no longer active
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Algorithm Production Intern (Summer 2024)

Boston MA
Algorithms – Algorithms Production /
Intern /
Pison is developing breakthrough consumer and healthcare products that are harnessing the power of the mind. We’ve pioneered the science of electroneurography (ENG) to non-invasively sense, analyze, and apply electrical signals coming from the brain. Our neural biosensor and artificial intelligence software are opening a new window to thousands of new, neural-based applications that can improve human health and wellness and help individuals control their environment via gesture recognition. Our vision is to deliver real-time, actionable insights into the state of the body’s nervous system, guiding users to better health and higher achievement in every domain of human endeavor.

Embark on an exciting internship journey with Pison's Algorithms Production team. As a leading player in the field of ML algorithms on mobile platforms, Pison offers a unique opportunity for aspiring talents to contribute to groundbreaking technologies. Join us and be an integral part of our Algorithms Production team, gaining hands-on experience in developing innovative ML algorithms during this internship.

Duties and Responsibilities

    • Collaborate with the Algorithms team to  implement and maintain algorithms within our multi-platform library
    • Support the development of tools for our ML pipeline, focusing on gesture classification and neural inference in mobile environments
    • Assist in the ongoing maintenance, troubleshooting, and support for our production pipeline.
    • Contribute to the enhancement of the CI/CD process and testing framework for our production code.
    • Engage in algorithm research and contribute to the development of cloud-based ML tools and real-time prototyping tools.

Required Skills and Abilities

    • Basic proficiency in C++ development.
    • Understanding of numeric algorithms implementation.
    • Familiarity with source control (e.g., Git) and continuous integration practices.
    • Strong foundation in mathematics, computer science, and statistics.
    • Exposure to common build systems such as Make, CMake, and Gradle.
    • Basic knowledge of Python and numerical computing packages.
    • Interest in cloud-based development and CI/CD concepts.
    • Curiosity and willingness to learn about new technologies and methodologies


    • Currently pursuing a Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or a related field.
    • Previous internship or project experience related to software development is a plus.

Benefits of Internship

    • Hands-on experience in the development of ML algorithms for mobile platforms.
    • Exposure to a collaborative and innovative work environment.
    • Mentorship from experienced professionals in the field.
    • Opportunity to contribute to real-world projects and enhance technical skills.
    • Potential for continued collaboration or full-time employment based on performance.
$25 - $30 biweekly
** This Employer Participates in E-Verify **
We understand that candidates can feel discouraged if they do not tick every box.  We encourage you to apply.  Pison is building a diverse team with people from all backgrounds who can help us build an inclusive organization.
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Algorithm Production Intern (Summer 2024)
Boston, Massachusetts, United States
$25 - $30 USD biweekly
Job is no longer active
About Pison
Our mission is to harness the power of human intent to change the form and function of the world.